Criminal Litigation


“Empathy is seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another, and feeling with the heart of another”. Alfred Adler


Increasingly detailed legislation combined with a rise in criminal activity and new methods of carrying out such activity, mean that an in-depth knowledge of the law is required that reaches beyond the technical aspects of the law to be able to defend the most deeply-rooted and essential values of individuals and society.  

Comprising lawyers who have practised as judges, public prosecutors or government lawyers (Abogados del Estado), our team is able to provide a criminal defence with added value due to their extensive knowledge of all kinds of criminal proceedings. Our services in the area of criminal litigation include:

  • Advice in implementing, updating and reviewing crime prevention programmes, individually adapted depending on the organisation’s business.
  • Cooperation with the forensic and risk management departments of the main national and international consulting firms. 
  • Defending the company or its executives, directors or shareholders in proceedings for crimes committed at the company or against its interests. 
  • Assisting directors and senior executives in criminal proceedings relating to the company’s business, tax or regulatory activity.  
  • Assisting companies and private individuals in proceedings arising as a result of practices related to public or private corruption. 
  • Legal assistance in criminal proceedings brought as a result of complaints raised with the Employment Inspection Authorities or related to occupational accidents and working conditions. 
  • Acting in any kind of criminal proceedings brought on the grounds of crimes against the environment, violation of land planning regulations and crimes against historical heritage. 
  • Providing national and international legal assistance in extradition proceedings and in European Arrest Warrant and Surrender Procedures (EAWs).