Gaming & Gambling


“Loyalty is trust established as the norm”. Ortega y Gasset


The gaming and gambling sector in Spain has seen considerable changes in recent years that have led to the appearance of new players in the market, a broader range of gaming and gambling products and of course a growing use of information technologies. As the sector is highly regulated, gaming and gambling activities give arise to various legal and regulatory issues, as well as major challenges from an advertising perspective, which is increasingly restricted. 

Additionally, more and more restrictions at regional and municipal level are being imposed on the opening of gambling premises and it is therefore essential to have in-depth knowledge of the applicable administrative law, land planning and development regulations and competition rules. 

Our extensive specific knowledge of the gaming and gambling industry, be this from a legal, regulatory or tax point of view, among others, enables us to identify the problems faced by our clients and to provide them with the necessary legal support. 

At Ramón y Cajal we provide the following legal advisory services to various stakeholders operating in the industry (operators, manufacturers, platforms, content providers, importers and distributors, etc.), both for in-person environments and online:

  • Analysis of the relevant legal and regulatory aspects. 
  • Obtaining all kinds of licences and authorisations and fulfilment of the related requirements. 
  • Attending advertising, promotional and sponsorship events. 
  • Support in gaming and gambling and technological agreements. 
  • New business models of the gaming and gambling industry (own brands, members, distribution and joint ventures, etc.) and channels, such as smart phones, apps, social media, etc.
  • Management of infringement proceedings and civil and criminal claims. 
  • Support in administrative, land planning and development and competition proceedings.  
  • Direct and indirect taxation, covering all areas -State, regional or international level-, including advising in business restructuring transactions. 

“The best office in my experience for regulatory issues and online gambling. They have a very good relationship with the regulator, they know how they think and they resolve issues in a short time with little resistance”. Legal 500, 2021